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My name is Matt Sevits, and I'm a marketing specialist based in Eugene, Ore. I'm an easygoing people-pleaser who loves to think outside the box. My areas of expertise include digital marketing, social media, print design, branding, and event planning.

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Matt Sevits

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Me in a nutshell: I love technology, pop culture, Thai food, camping and famous Internet cats. Oh, and I have a twin. I was born and raised in the Eugene area, and I'm proud to call it home. In between bouts of rain, I try to get out and experience everything Oregon has to offer, whether it's beaches, mountains, or delicious wine and beer.

I Pop Culture

I'm passionate about all things pop culture. My idol growing up was Roger Ebert, and I still fantasize about becoming a tastemaker in the pop culture world – especially when it comes to pop music.

My Career Grew Out of a Hobby

I've never been good with my hands, but I've always liked creating things. Enter the computer; in middle school and high school, I built websites and designed logos for fun in my spare time. Now here I am doing it for a living!

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